An Illusionary Leader

In the inner land of each man, the prevailing force puts in place a figurehead; an illusionary leader, a ruler in name only, a prince-with-no-power – a lackey.  And, as with any clever puppeteer, the agency actually behind the actions lets the puppet do all the talking.

This puppet is a critical pillar in the support of the illusion that the shadow government has actual authority.  It makes the pronouncements of policy to the people, yet it simply says whatever it is directed to say by the real power behind the public facade.

Every man has a nominal leader who appears to make decisions; to plan and proclaim policy,  and direct the overall affairs of state.  But this figure is a figure HEAD; he does none of the above, save the proclaiming.  Via this activity alone, most of the people are deceived, and the illusion of the puppet government’s puissance sustained.  Most men accept the situation; it is the one in which they were born and matured, and the only one they have ever known.

A few people, however, “suspect something” – even without specific knowledge of what is going on.  They have never felt that things are as they appear, as regards the political/ cultural/social reality that makes up so much of man’s life, which those about him accept without question. Such people wonder if humanity is not being incessantly bombarded with propaganda in service to some unseen sovereignty, and one which has set up a puppet government within man so that he is the source of his own voice-of-quisling.

The puppet’s mouth is made to deny its own puppetry. 

This is the exercise of puppet governing in its highest form; not a bit of excess energy expended in the effort, and the governed being deceived by the sound of their own voice.  Those who do not realize they live in such conditions, of course, have no pertinent complaints, while those full of suspicions, have many. But if they do not proceed past the stage of merely being agitated-by, and dissatisfied-with, the non-physical, social-reality in which their everyday lives are submerged, they gain nothing; they learn nothing.


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