Mental Garbage

Once this is realized, the complaints oft expressed by men about the, “mental garbage,” up with which they have to put, falls into proper context.  It’s just another group of workers, (garbage men), bitchin’ about their job and who can blame them, what with being constantly surrounded by the mental junk other men have decided they don’t want and have thrown away and deemed useless?

What? – You have never considered it like this?  You mean that you still think that other men are blind, stupid, and with no comprehension whatsoever of what is going on in life, based on what they say?  And you have never realized that what you hear from other men is simply the used-up, decomposing, mental waste products they are preparing for discharge from the Big Guy’s system?

What the hell have you been IMAGINING is going on?!?!?

Oh yeah – one more thing: this entire supra scenario is also played out in the dark regions of your own neural digestion; what is routinely discharged into your own consciousness is just garbage – merde –  and that’s the name of that. 


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