The Unusual Bacteria

Humans are a bacteria in the intestines of a creature so immense as to be physically inconceivable to their minds.  Most humans, (as is proper to their function), keep their heads buried deep in the surrounding colonic walls.  A few, however, discover they can periodically pull out, and get a whole different perspective of things.  These are all the ones who never settle well into their job and place in the overall scheme of things.

Everyone has a vague awareness of the situation, in that everything that makes up this universe is composed of the same ordinary bacteria.   Bacteriall-men have, in their mental graspings, mostly settled on the word-concept, “God,” as a nod of recognition to the existence of this unimaginably large creature in whose bowels they toil.  (A few, just to be different, call it by other names, such as: “Nature,” “The Laws Of Creation,” or “The Great Googalee Moogalee,” but no matter; the truth of the matter is always before each human, not to mention, entirely encompassing him.)

Man’s primary responsibility in the gigantic colon, (not unlike the bacteria that populates his own smaller version), is in the breaking down of up-to-now, undigested materials in the larger creature’s digestive system.  And again, similar to the situation of the bacteria in his own lower intestine, man acts as the final agent in this most life-vital process of ridding the system of these used-up ,potentially poisonous waste products.

The difference between man-the-bacteria-in-the-enormous-colon, and the microscopic version in his own, is that his bacteria helps clean him out physically, while the job man does for the big being is a detox – mentally.


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