Nothing But Behavior

So to the question, “What IS the real difference between a rhinoceros, and a man?”  Men will reply, “Men can think.”  So we observe a rhino, standing motionless, looking off in the distance, and next to him a man, also still, and staring at the horizon.   You are asked again, “What is the real difference between these two animals,” and you repeat, “The man is thinking about something, and the rhinoceros isn’t.”  Prove it!

What evidence is there to support your claim, other than the man’s agreement if he is asked? They are both standing there; their eyes open, surveying the surroundings. They are certainly of different size and shape, yet both are mobile, sentient, breathing, blood-pumping, recognizable living creatures, capable of appropriate physical action at any moment.

Externally, no distinction is to be made, save their shape and size.  No observation can be made of what goes on in their brains, which, in his own case, man calls “thinking.”  There is no question that man differs extraordinarily from all other animals in how he lives in relationship to the natural, “this-is-how-we-initially-found-it” environment of this planet.  But this is known purely by his behavior, and his thinking is merely assumed to have played a role.  But you can’t PROVE it!  “Oh yes you can!” responds the mind; yes, but prove it only TO the mind.

Restatement of the Facts for a January Morn:

It is all a matter of behavior.
The deal is nothing but behavior;
Outside of behavior, there is no understanding.

 (What d’ya think? —  How d’you like that?
Is this getting more to your taste?)


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