Strictly Behavior

Even you start out expediently considering the mind and thinking as being separate from the body and behaving.  Looked at from an equally supportable view, the activity of the mind is but a form of behavior.  “What else can you call it?!  What else IS it?”

The oil on the suppository is in the fact that the mind can talk to itself about both its activity and that of the body, but the body says nothing in return…not in any similar language.  The mind can declare, “I am free and conscious,” while the body is programmed, and captive of non-conscious instincts, and there is naught else in a man’s physiology to say otherwise.  But this declaration itself is a form of behavior, and an undeniable manifestation of the same inherent, physical instincts to which it just attributed the rest of the body’s mechanical behavior.

What a sight: behavior denouncing behavior!  Behavior, of a mental sort, separating itself into a physical variety – one part of the brain, claiming to share no cellular ancestry with the rest of the body.  What a sight, one that humans never notice.  (Who knows what the rhinos know?)

So: the deal is both one purely of-the-mind, but also one strictly-of-behaviorThe understanding is nothing but an affair of thought, yet cannot be anything other than a form of behavior.  Describe to yourself anything a human can do that is not a form of behavior – ANYTHING!

The understanding is a whole bunch of this, and a boatload of that.  You can turn it up, you can turn it down.  You can look through it here, or turn it around.  It is this, and it is that; all you believe, and all you’ve never thought about.  And you either get-it or you don’t.  You either do-the-deal or else it slips right by you.  There are no “Half way Deals,” no “contingency ones,” and above all, no future deals. This is not a commodities market.  You can’t deal-in-the-deal like dealing in pork futures.  Working your way up to the deal is all a matter of half steps and fits and starts, but the door to the deal is all black and white.  You go through it or you don’t; there are no gray areas.  Gray areas are “teachings,” and other guesses about the understanding, and ultimately have nothing to do with it.


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