The Deal-of-Understanding

Notwithstanding the kiddie-beliefs, a man with the understanding does not “walk on water, read minds, or talk to the dead.”  He walks on the sidewalk, reads the paper, and talks to his dog. You cannot recognize a man with the understanding via his behavior.  A non-believer can lead religious services, a sleeping man can speak awakened words, and a wretch can do charitable deeds.  Behavior does not produce the understanding, nor does it reveal its presence.

The deal-of-understanding is one entirely of the mind.

Having laid clear this protruding fact, let us turn it over, and from it, wring even further delectable juice:

The mind is NOT THE DEAL:
the mind is the ANTITHESIS of THE DEAL;
the mind STOPS THE DEAL.

From one view, it seems correct to say that man is capable of the two distinct and separate activities, of acting and of thinking.  From another, the idea is ludicrous to the extreme. But what distinguishes man from the other animals?  All creatures “act,” but only man both acts AND thinks, and it is this dual ability that sets him uniquely apart.  He is not limited to simply “moving, acting and behaving” as unconscious instinct may direct.  No, man can also think about acting; plan and ponder, often times as even an alternative TO acting, but always as an adjunct thereto. But this is a specious scene that words lay before us; it sounds all right but to whom? To the whom what said ‘em: the mind.

(Who but a mouse-eared moron expects objective information about a matter from a source with a vested interest therein?)


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