Possible Pursuits of The Deal

Weekend Dateline: where at this time, it is always Monday, thus the news is always ahead of itself…just like it always is to those who can read.


1. You study courses written about “pursuing the deal.”
2. You eventually recognize your error, and begin to pursue the study of the thing that wrote all the courses, and the thing that studies them – the mind.
3. You finally realize your basic misstep; you forget about the mind, and turn your attention to the only thing that actually exists – existence.

Few people ponder existence.  Most just live it, and most of the few only ponder their mind and their pondering, (though never realizing it). A few-of-the-few finally do get down to the deal: the direct pondering of existence itself.  They attempt to hold a constant consciousness of the strangeness of both existing, and knowing that you do. This IS – the real deal.

 1. Each morning upon awakening, you can lay there, and ask yourself, “Why do other humans behave as they do?
2. You can lay there, and ask yourself, “What is it in me asking?” 
3. You can discover an unexplored, unstable edge where the first two possibilities meet, and when even momentarily seen – this lights up mere existence in a way that is blindingly enlightening.

Being a human is living a song: there is a ceaseless rhythm, the instincts of the body, and a melody, the thoughts of the mind.  The second cannot exist without the first; they are inseparable, yet the latter can deceive itself, and conceive otherwise.  For a while, the melody is limited by the rhythm.  It can sing about being free, and thus believe it is so; like a caged bird – carried away by the sound of its own voice – oblivious to its captivity.


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