Only The Deal Knows

You can’t do-the-deal if you’re angry,
and you can’t do-the-deal if you’re scared;
You can’t do-the-deal if you’re right-handed,
and you can’t do it if you’re left;
And while you try to figure out what this means,
the train leaves you on the platform, 
over and over again. Wave bye-bye,
there goes your reflection down the track again.” 

Time, tide, and the deal wait for no man.  The deal never changes; the deal never moves. The illusion of such is caused by the motion of mind. “Be still, McNeal, to do-the-deal.”

You can’t discuss the deal, and you surely can’t debate it.  As soon as an argumentative word is said, “The Deal’s Off!”

Life in the street can be lived with zeal, without confusing The Biz for The Deal.
You can’t do-the-deal while talking about yourself;
You can’t do-the-deal while talking about anyone else,
You can’t do-the-deal while even thinking about yourself,
and just based on these facts, don’t you begin to have
just a teensy little suspicion as to what the deal IS?!

The liver knows it’s not the thalamus, and a menu chef knows not to eat a cookbook. The deal is in you, and you are always in its midst. So why do you look elsewhere?! Puta fork in it and put yourself out of your imaginary misery.  Mind IS the deal and you are more than mind.  What’s more…only the deal knows…


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