Rhythm of The Deal

At the rhythmic level, an ant thinks first of the needs of the colony.  At the melodic, he is allowed to believe that he reflects on his own individual life and desires.  There is no readily available provision for the direct mental realization – “I exist.

If you think a lot about the second reality, you become susceptible to unnecessary seriousness; but if you do not thereabout think sufficiently, you run the risk of suffering severe consequences in running afoul of rules established to govern this concurrent world.

Not too much and not too little;
it’s a really strange cat
that wastes time on a fiddle.
Hippos happy at water holes;
culture vultures blinded from
peeping through key holes.

A man who knows the real deal knows where he belongs – which is where?  He can’t say…which proves he knows.

If it is your desire to do-the-deal, then it is certainly preferable that you think a lot about the deal, as opposed to having your thoughts engaged in unrelated matters.  But if you want to get even closer to the deal, you have got to discover for yourself the inherent flaw in this otherwise appearing, “proper and necessary approach.”  After all, a man must study another language if he expects to speak another tongue, but he who would do-the-deal must eventually realize that there are no instructions regarding it and no information concerning it. 


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