In the World of the Inattentive

Ignore the notion, “The good die young,” and focus on the useful version:
”The mechanically certain mentally die before they even get started .” 

In the world of the inattentive, it is the inattentive who thrive, 
(or who at least find prevailing conditions acceptable).

Surrounded by forest – expect debris. 
Why squander attention on the leaves you brush away?

Those who try to stay indoors amidst the woods, are those who curse most the pollen; and the conspiracy is that driven critics are comped to only the worst shows.

Do not ask, “For whom annoying existence tolls,” – you know the answer to that. A “philosopher” is one who wants-to-get-to-the-bottom-of-things, but not that bad; not bad enough to realize that the thing in him that wants-to-know is the very thing at the bottom-of-everything. 

In the forest, the identifying cry of the idiot is:  “I am surrounded by idiots!”
In the consciousness of the confused, uncertainty is maintained by its ear heeding only the voice of its own tongue.


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