Where Is The Point-Blank Man?

Everyone wants to know:
“Where is: The Point-Blank Man”?

In the world of those who do-not-know,
it is those who do not know 
who are made to believe they do.

A father said to a son: 
“In my trying to show you, what-is-going-on, the only sin you can inflict on me is for you to be verbally boring.” 
And to himself the lad mused: 
“I should have the same attitude regarding the relationship between the part of my mind that 
wants to get THE KNOWLEDGE, and the rest of my thoughts.”

To bypass alarm clocks and wake yourself up requires that you be not verbally boring even to yourself.  No, make that ESPECIALLY to yourself. Allowing the tongue and ear of your consciousness to engage in their normal, “I talkyou listen” activity is to doom yourself to a bed of mental torpidity.  Doing so will assure that you will forever be a restive audience member to an endless, un-funny monologue of infinite irrelevancy…from which  there is no escape since it all takes place inside your head.

A life of mental redundancy is a life of never knowing; of never quite – GETTING IT RIGHT; of always being just slightly uncertain.  That is the whole purpose of mental redundancy, to compensate for the redundancy’s impertinence.


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