The Stay-at-Home Mind, III

The stay-at-home-mind is all that is needed for an ordinary,
stay-at-home mental life;
a man can become a president, a pope, 
a respected intellectual, using nothing more.
Collectively, it is the stay-at-home-mind that is the brains
 and guiding force of the human herd;
what it does—it does damn well, 
and at what it does, it has no peer—
but what it will never do and cannot do
is put you and THE KNOWLEDGE together—
it is the wrong dating service.

If you wanna get laid by the best,
(and I mean of course by THE KNOWLEDGE),
you’ve got to: get out of the house;
you’ve got to: FORGET about the house, 
and everything that previously went on in there.
And you’ve got to—STAY-ON-THE-MOVE
Don’t ever stop to— “think about” a matter.
Whatever it is, if it is worth thinking about,
it’s worth thinking about on-the-run.
That’s the only way to find your way—keep on the move.

Stop-and-ponder how to start a fire, locate food,
sterilize water; but never about any matter that 
you cannot put your hands on.
If what you have decided to think about
—you cannot carry with you—
then it can only BE correctly “thought-about”
while on the move.

Thus can a man not profitably think about 
THE KNOWLEDGE while stationary, 
that is of course, obviously to say:
while his mind is stationary;
while his thoughts are stopped and stuck-on
his thinking about the matter.

Ordinary people, 
having only the stay-at-home-mind,
think about things.
and using the wandering-mind
just—thinks; not about things,
but just—THINKS.

The once-and-forever trick is—Don’t stare.

THE KNOWLEDGE could be standing right beside you, 
but if you are staring, you will never see it.

Knowing is never-settled.
Stupid is unmoving.


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