Scientists trying to locate “Mind-in-the-brain” – look awry; they never turn their attention to the mental lab equipment with which they carry on their search.


People trying to find a different state of mind also view askew; they will insatiably wrangle with verbal maps while ignoring the matter of physical feet.

Once the facts are explained to them, after that, what can you conclude other than: “Those who are confused – WANT to be confused,” or are at least content with such a condition as long as they can keep discussing the idea of metaphysical adventure with their friends, and themselves.

In the world of those who do-not-understand,
it is those who do not understand
who get by with the least friction….
at least in the beginning.

Fact: With most, the beginning IS the end.
Quote: “In spite of its best reflexive efforts, his consciousness, the fatal blow could not stave, thank god!”
Today’s Concluding Fact: You are only handicapped if you say you are.

Everyone wants to know:  “Where is The Point-Blank Man”?
Everyone knows quite well where he is, which is why they pretend to be busy looking for additional information before going on.  “On! you huskies!  On! I say!”


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