The Understanding

No star, planet, or possum ever gets lost in this universe; only men do.  Only men THINK that they do – and they THINKthat they do, only by grace of the one ability that distinguishes them from – stars, planets, and possums.

A father told a son:
“But one thing stands between you, and THE UNDERSTANDING.”
“Which is?” he asked,
“Your skin,” he replied.
“How can that be, when you must have your skin to make you something separate from the circumstances around you?” he asked. 
“It can’t be,” he replied, “But in you asking, ‘how can that be’ – it just did.”

“If it weren’t for ‘conditions’ no one would be dissatisfied,” said one man.
“Well certainly,” added a second, “If it weren’t for unfavorable conditions there’d be nothing to be dissatisfied ABOUT!”
“No, you don’t get it,” said the first man, “I just said ‘conditions.’”

Only men without The Understanding have a vocabulary containing the word, “about.” In only one statement is the word “about” appropriate:  “Thinking that here is an ‘about’ – connected to any matter you’re trying to understand –  is what makes the word, ‘thinking’ so ludicrous.”

   All you need to know regarding this subject:
   A causes B;
   B causes A, 
   and neither causes anything until YOU think about it. 


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