About Things

A man in search of THE UNDERSTANDING questioned a guy he suspected might have it:
“But I would prefer to think of my personal difficulty in getting-things-right, to be caused by how I FEEL, rather than by how I think about things,” and the guy told him to feel free to do so.

The wind blows all around a house; and no matter how well constructed it is, the wind blows all through a house.  A fish, trying to get-to-the-bottom-of-things, asked a shark, (who he suspected knew something): “What is this thing I keep hearing about called, ‘water’?”
The shark advised him, first off, to drop the use of the word, “about” – as in, “hearing about.” 
Said the shark, “When you get-to-the-bottom-of-things, you HEAR – you don’t hear ABOUT – things.”

Thinking that you are hearing ABOUT things
is what keeps you from seeing to the bottom of things.

“The mis-directional dangers of the woods,” noted a noted woodsman, “Is not the trees, but the modifiers and prepositions.”

and to see to the bottom of things,
is to see clear THROUGH everything:
to see through all descriptions of things;
to see through all descriptions of things, and finally, 
to see through all descriptions of things.


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