“Self-awareness” is a chump term; 
  Self-awareness is a sham;
  Self-awareness requires two things:
 A self, and something to be aware of the self.
 What is the other something?

When he became conscious, he found himself lashed to a bowsprit, being relentlessly lashed by waves.  He struggled to free himself, but could not. He consoled himself with the fact that he was helpless to stop the waves.

One day, a passing petrel asked him how he distinguished himself from the ship to which he was lashed.  The question suddenly opened the man’s eyes to the fact that a ship has no home, but the sea, and that waves are the constant reassurance of its proper positioning.

A captain feels apart from the waters, 
or he could not plot the ship’s navigation. 
A ship cannot feel so.

(Trees have no word for “environment.”)


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