Complexing Things Up

The minds of the ordinary want to make more out of life than there is.
The minds of the few want to make more out of their minds than is there.

The job of the mind is to aid in survival, and it does so by COMPLEXING THINGS UP; figuring ways of rearranging our physical environment that make it more conducive and comfortable to the life of man.

                                                All sane men approve and partake.

But note: in this process, the mind has created a collateral world to our physical one – a cultural life – and that is the mind’s making more of this life than is of interest to us here.

Man’s cultural world consists, quite simply, of everything that is now part of his life which was not, in physical latent form, laying around when he showed up here; a world of activities based solely on thoughts, not physical materials.

Taken in toto, man’s cultural life constitutes a second, parallel reality, contemporaneous with, and normally supportive-of, the physical one.  For example: religion has no natural, physical existence – the minds of men made it up – but indirectly, and overall, it aids in man’s survival.  (You can look for yourself, and see that such is the case with all other facets of man’s cultural life.)

                                           With this, too, would no sane man find fault.


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