Just “Look”

When you start, you cannot see the goal.  All that you can see is the map, the method you have chosen to use as a vehicle to the goal.  This is how it works for everyone, but you must eventually see that no method, discipline, map or teaching is the goal.   The reality of the other state of consciousness, and all ideas and talk about it, are two different things – so different in fact as to be beyond the widest definition of “different.”  They are from two different realities.

One method is as good as another.  If it initially seems good to you, then it is good for you. You have to have somewhere to start, but the words and ideas that consciousness can entertain are never the same thing as the goal itself.  They hide the goal; they walk around on it, while talking about it, so that you cannot see it.  They excitedly point off in one direction or another where they say the goal lies – while it lies right under their feet.  There is no “way” to discover this other way in which your consciousness can operate.  There is no right way, and there is no wrong way.  There IS no way – but you must use one.

You cannot think an “enlightened thought” until you think something, but nothing you can think has any significance regarding the goal.  Anything you think about the goal is actually you thinking about a method or a map.  You cannot think about the goal; there is nothing to think about it.  Whenever you are thinking about it, your thoughts are milling about on top of it, hiding it from your view.

You can think that life is not right; you can think that you are not right.  You can think that what you think about life and yourself is not right; but if you really want your consciousness to run in a way that affords you an entirely different way of thinking, what you need  to focus on is the neural floor in your head on which your thinking is taking place.  Ignore what your thoughts think about life, you, and even themselves, and look instead beneath their feet – look at what they are standing on. 

There is that longed for other level of consciousness.  It is ultimately just that simple – you just “LOOK” and there it is.  I grant you, it can seem to take a lifetime of convoluted efforts to ever get to the stage where it is that simple to see,  but you may as well know now that ultimately it is – just that simple and obvious.  


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