The Arrangement

If you desire a super-sane understanding of what life and being a human is about, there is more to be considered regarding this parallel, mind-made, second reality than routine thought ever ponders.

Being that this reality, (as de rigueur as it be), is not palpably real, men know it.  Thus they are driven to make more out of it than is there; a kind of enforced,pragmatic rationalization, or a type of necessary, species-wide, self-sustained mass hallucination.

Men, realizing the survival benefits, if not necessity of, this parallel reality, but also knowing that their own minds made the whole thing up.  For obvious reasons it is to their advantage to treat this intangible realm reverently and protectively, and be its vigorous cheerleaders.  But to do this, (since there is nothing there), they are forced to treat the matter with a certain style of seriousness that is singular to say the least, (seeing as how the matter being promoted and protected is illusionary).

           Still, herein can no fault be found, inasmuch as the arrangement works.

All that is necessary for a man with that-certain-hunger is that he plainly recognize the matter for what it is.  But, if you have any preferential sentiments about any of the activities in this mental-based reality, then you do not plainly see it for what it is. 

           When you understand a matter, you have no feelings about it,
                                     (pro, con, or sideways).

Ordinary people are supposed to pretend that they take seriously such things as art, politics, religion, education, nationalism, sports, morality, reputation, justice, literature, wealth, honor and social position.  But, a man trying toget-a-head is supposed to, (in private), not pretend.


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