To Be Alive

Here‘s how it goes with our species, in a little poem entitled:  

To Be Alive”

To be alive is to be human;
to be human is to think,
and to think is to think that
there is more to being a human
than there actually is;
to be confused as to what
it is exactly – To Be Alive. 

(Being “asleep,” as some call it, is being in denial of your humanity.)


If our instincts could become conscious of the world that our mind has constructed, and which is its primary place of residence, our instincts would conclude that our mind is insane. Remember my recent health tip:  if, (as is commonly claimed by psychiatry, et al), talk can cure men’s mental problems, then talk must be their cause.  (Every two way street runs in both directions – even those marked, “One Way.”)


Standing amidst a massive metaphysical library, a father said to a son: “Do you understand, notwithstanding the varied descriptions proffered throughout the ages about certain men wanting to Awaken, that to achieve Enlightenment, know The Truth, be Liberated, and so on, what is truly involved is simply the mind’s desire to understand thinking, and anyone who says otherwise hasn’t got a clue?!”


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