Sit and Consider

Have you ever been in more attractive conditions than where we are today!  I’m glad you brought us here.  You grew up nearby, didn’t you?!  I cannot imagine a better place to sit and consider news pertinent to that particular interest responsible for our meetings. Lend an ear and I will tell you what’s hot and topical for the minds of the few on this fine day.


There were two princes who fought for control of a kingdom.  When the first one was in control, the place was as noisy and frantic as a video game.  While the other was in control, it seemed as though he didn’t know exactly what to do with the place.  The first one appeared oblivious to the second one’s existence, but not the other way around.  One was in control much more often than the other.


Ordinary men are fascinated by their stomachs and sex organs; mystical men are fascinated by their minds.  Mystical men could do better than this; ordinary men can’t.  (One guy decided to get a face lift…but then thought: “Nah, I’ll do a mind lift first, then see how I feel.”)

Trying to wake up without understanding thought is to always be, (hold up your thumb and forefinger, almost touching), THIS close – but never quite getting there.


To arouse yourself from the routine drowsy state, don’t waste our energy: don’t waste your energy chasing happiness, or wealth; pursuing knowledge, or fame, or seeking the mystical; but rather, develop the capacity to think the truth about yourself.


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