Whatever Happens

The brain does not produce thoughts for the purpose of dealing with simplicities.  Nay, on the contrary, thought is specifically constructed to work with the physical complexities that are the conditions of life, and to break them down into simpler, mentally manageable pieces.  But thought, as now constructed, is not built nor intended for the contemplation of the simple and obvious.  It is not programmed to have an interest in how things ARE, but rather, how they COULD be; not interested in “The truth of what happens,” but an open-ended, “Truth”that is forever arguable.

The “Truth” about things, to a man’s ordinary thinking, is whatever his thinking can momentarily imagine they COULD be, while the truth to super-heated thinking is:  whatever happens. It’s not whatever the thoughts in your brain SAY happened; not whatever they say COULD have happened; and not anything they say SHOULD have happened. This is what makes up “the truth” of ordinary reality… but not one perceived by a man who can see-to-the-bottom-of-things.  Such a person takes into account only whatever actually happens, both “out there” (in life), and, “in here” – (in what is, apparently – him).


Nothing that will ever naturally pass through your mind will ever reveal to you “the truth” about things.  Only the things themselves can do that – and they do so – relentlessly!  Life is revealing to you “the truth” at every moment, by letting you witness – what actually happens.


It is up to you whether you see what actually happens, or not,
and whether you recognize that what you see happening IS the long sought-for “Truth” –
and that there IS no other truth.


(Simple, huh…and neater than the curl in a pig’s tail.  Oink Galahad – oink!)


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