The Truth is What Happens

The routine cellular activity that produces thought in our brains is not arranged in such a manner as to act like a mouth that can swallow itself…which is about what it takes to, “Wake up.”  Ordinary thought cannot take in completely the reality of those five words:  “The truth is what happens,” in that it is immediately unable to see that what EVER comment it may have in reaction IS now a part of “what happened.”  Every time your thought denies the truth of the statement, your denial becomes part OF the truth of the statement.


Trying to shake your brain’s cellular activity of consciousness into a new mode of operating,
is truly akin to a mouth attempting to swallow itself.  Staying frustrated, and unable to accomplish this, is due simply to your failure to recognize how things are in your own neural headquarters.  Your heart, lungs and all the rest of your body know that, “The truth is what happens,” but the thoughts that normally occupy your mind never will – they never can.


The job of thoughts is to think about what happens in life in ways OTHER THAN it is.  Only by operating so, is man able to change the natural conditions of this planet to better accommodate his particular needs.  Thus, while neural activity is a boon to his physical life, it seems disinclined to do anything beneficial for itself, in the sense of self-scrutiny and revelation. 


The very stuff of specific interest to those men already being driven by their own neurons urging them to, “Search for The Truth” – (which in truth IS):  a search for the truth aboutthought.  And in this – you will get no natural help from your own thoughts.  The simplicity of it confuses the mind.



What a game!
What a sport;
the reality of which, few –
even among “The Few” –
ever come to realize.



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