“The Truth”

(The Little Mermaid can never recognize Christian Anderson as, “The Truth.”)

The “Truth” is what happens.

There it is, and there is nothing else to say.  The first word said after that is useless, and any after that – misdirection.  But note; even after hearing the truth about, “The Truth,” your mind is probably not instantly Enlightened and satisfied.  It still wants to argue and debate the issue; pick holes in the sentence; accuse it of gross “materialism.”  (Ooooooo – the mystic’s ultimate insult and dismissal!)


There it is and there it remains: 
The Truth” is what happens.


The instinctive mind of the brain knows this full well; this has never been in question.  The entire life of your body operates by this principle:  it’s your hand selecting; your mouth opening;  your throat swallowing; your stomach accepting; your bowels boweling; so that life, in your case, goes on.


This is all based on this simple reality:  
The Truth” is what happens.

(And of course, if you somehow ate poison and you died, that was “the truth” of what happened in that particular instance.)


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