Two Edges

Here we are on another day, another conveyance in yet another cellular and neural configuration. And yet, somehow, some things remain remarkably similar for those with that certain interest. No matter when, no matter where, the person attempting to get-to-the-bottom-of-things is always still here, at this time.


‘Tis good, (is it not), to be right here – right now?  For, it is only right here, right now, that you can ever have any effect on your state of neural awareness.  So, assume a receptive mental position, and let’s give your potential for awareness something worthy of its capability:

Contemporaneous Hints, Kicks and Info from Living Locales:

 A man with important metaphysical ideas
 can stop a bullet with his mind…
if he’s lucky…and his mind’s not.

There are always two edges to every story:
The false one and the physical one…
and whereas ordinary men either derive pain or pleasure,
an awakened man experiences simply the passing of a breeze.

No matter how large a photograph may be blown up,
it will never fully portray the scene it represents. 
The same is so with thought and its perceptions of life.


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