Cracked Thinking

Ordinary men do not ordinarily act like their real selves because: first, such is not required, (contraire), and second, they do not know what it is since no one can “know” what it is. Your real self is not something that you know, it is what you ARE, and about that, there is nothing TO know or be commented on.


At one school for would-be revolutionists, the entrance exam consisted of the applicant being asked to tell something about himself, and if he did, BAM! – he was out the door.

All of the many complaints that men have about the conditions of life have a common cause: cracked thinking.  A man does not notice it, but his thinking regarding the matter being complained of has been dropped, sat on, or otherwise mishandled, and has become cracked. At one time it may have been a fine example of thinking, but not now.  Something quite sad has happened to thinking, and sadder still is the fact that he seems unaware of what has occurred. 


I say that he “seems” unaware of the crack in his thinking for the simple reason that it curdles credulity to believe that a man cannot notice a crack running thru his thinking.  After all, your thinking is what you think with.  Thinking is like glasses you see life thru; how could a man not notice a crack therein since everything he mentally sees about life, he sees thru his glasses-of-thinking?


The output of this circumstance is that a man’s thinking about life never lines up exactly with the actualities of life.  This thinking produces photographs of life, which are always slightly out of focus with the images in your head, never in perfect registry with the physical realities they intend to reflect.


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