Get Your Glasses Fixed

A man who has learned how to look around these glasses his mind was born wearing, discovers a world – just a world: a world in which there is nothing to complain about; a world needing no praise; just a world – just a place; the place where humans come in and humans go out.  No one invited you here, and you say you didn’t ask to come here; so be it, and so what? Even the other six billion people who do not believe, (will not admit), that man lives in a fuzzy cartoon, belie their pretension every time they complain.


A man’s complaints about the conditions of life don’t have a damn thing to do with life, but about his cracked thinking.  A complaining man is not actually complaining about whatever the matter is that he is complaining about, but rather he is complaining about the matter of his thinking being cracked, and him not being able to get an exact view of what’s really going on around him. 


An alert person’s self-directed mantra should be:
“Hey man, either get your glasses fixed, or shut the hell up!”

No one “knows” what’s going on, and what gives religion and the occult their popularity is that they are the only ones who seriously pretend to.  A father told a son, “To be asleep is to say more than is necessary,” and he inquired; “Which is?…”Well, what you just said, for example.”


Only two things can give away the fact to others that you’re asleep:  your behavior and your speech.  Only four things give away the fact to yourself: those two plus the way you feel and the way you think.  Ergo: stick to the basics and keep your mouth shut, and no one will ever know that you’re asleep.  In addition to that, ignore the way you feel and think, and you won’t know either.


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