Why Me?

Why, after suffering a personal tragedy, do otherwise intelligent seeming men, when asked what their first thought was at the time invariably reply, “I thought why me?”  For what reason do they never think; “Why NOT me?!”  Why, when instantly faced with the inevitable realities of life, does a man’s thoughts, suddenly claim to have been expecting exemption there from?


What is there about being a homo-sapien – an animal that thinks, that makes man feel himself to be special?  Quite plainly, the fact that he does think does make him special.


Man’s motto could be:  “We are what we are because we think so HIGHLY of what we are AND, the reason we think so highly of what we are is because of what we are.”  Locally, man IS special, but he who so thinks of himself – squanders it.

Unless you screen out and ignore stimuli that is irrelevant to awakening; doze on, you will;
forever trapped in your bed and not even yours at that.

Mentally reacting to external randomness is the nourishment needed for a man’s pretend self 
to survive.  Every time you silently shout to one side; “Go get ‘em boys,” or to the other; “Shame on you guys,” you pull the pitiful parka of a pretended “you” just a little tighter around your already stifled, real self.


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