On A Train

There was once a man on a train, and the ride went on, and on, and on, and he finally asked himself:  “How do I ever get off of this train?”  Ah, but there is the catch, for the man did not actually realize that he was ON a train – some of his brain cells just made him say what he did.


And here, (put more bluntly), is the catch in the journey of the few:
The cellular activity in your brain that makes you say that you want another state of mind
already HAS another state of mind, or else it would not be able to even conceive of such a thing. Neat, huh?!  Kinda makes you feel better about home, huh?!  Of course, you gotta see all this for yourself, huh?!


Maybe later we’ll drive over the river to, Wisconsin.  Maybe you’d like that better – you know, a place where you can still wallow in questions, instead of having me slap you around with 
exposés OF “questions.”


Ahhh – naw, you wouldn’t.  Perhaps the cold’s just momentarily addled you and you’ll be all right in a second, (or maybe a third, as circumstances may require).  Stay warm, my little sweet pea, but not at the expense of vigilance.


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