Mirrored Sunglasses

A man asked the head of a school for awakening.  ”How are you able to tell if an applicant is suitable or not by speaking with him for just a moment?”  And he replied, “I ask him a question – almost any question, and if he is essentially here, he will respond immediately; but if he has to think about his reply, that means he is not actually here, and thus cannot really be making application.”  A man obviously belongs in the body he is in, but, where ELSE does he belong?

There was once a kingdom whose ruler lived in its middle, up on a mountain top where he kept records, and made certain decisions, while the work that actually supported the land was all done in its extremities.


“If cats watch cats, who’s to watch the rats?”  (And for the answer to that, I refer you to the story of father and son supra.)  Being in this particularly named city reminds you of that eternally burning question:  “Where does a carrousel operator take his family for vacation?”


There was once a man who wore mirrored sunglasses, but with a slight variation; his were mirrored on the INSIDE – on His side.  (We can only hope that he has a father to jump out from behind a door for HIM – huh?!)

To be awake is to know what is going on, to “know the truth about you,” (if you will), so your basic approach would seem as obvious as a splotch of humility on an attorney, now wouldn’t it?  To stop lying to yourself about yourself, which is much easier to do than ordinary men perceive it to be, whenever the subject arises, for all you have to do is stop taking seriously the tales that your thoughts tell you about you.  Remember, it is the very “you” that is nothing more than their TELLING you of “you.”


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