The Truth About Yourself

If you examine at a more fundamental level the matter of men thinking that they want to know the truth about themselves, you find that the attitude of the cellular activity, in the brain responsible for thought, ranges from apparent indifference to outright self-deception. (Which no way can be so, but that is a story for another day, what?!)


So, we have a creature, (man), whose brain has an area that talks and thinks, and which makes him call it his, “self,” and then causes him to think and claim that:  “I want to know the truth about myself.”  The very activity responsible for this assertion already knows “the truth” about what this “self” thing is, yet continues to make/allow the man to engage in a useless and frustrating search.


Of course, hardly anyone takes this search SERIOUSLY! Ordinary men do not ever speak of the matter unless first spoken to about it, or else under unusually stressful circumstances. No, everyday people do not come anywhere close to experiencing the full frustration of sincerely trying to discover the truth about yourself, which is, the truth about thinking.


The truth about a man’s body is obvious, (even if unsightly); it is the truth about what is going on in his brain, (even if unrecognized as such), for which he hungers.


A father suddenly leaped out
from behind a door and shouted at his son:
”Quick!  Tell me, if you use thought to study thought,
what is there left to study?”



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