In the physical world, as soon as a colt is dropped, it can stand on its own legs.  But in the world of thought, the purely invented creatures there must be constantly propped up by extrinsic forces of resistance to merely survive.

The real stands on its’ own – the illusionary must be helped.  When your thoughts disagree with someone else’s, yours helps theirs to survive.  Believing that other people’s ideas are false assists in their perpetuation.


Resisting reality denies reality, and denying reality is what keeps you asleep and confused.  It is not a question of whether another person’s thought on a matter is correct or not, the reality is:  That is his thought on the matter.


The thought of not eating glass is correct, the thought of not being an agnostic is neither correct, nor incorrect – it is insignificant:  It is simply a thought.


Whether This exists in the lives of others is of no consequence; utilizing an understanding is only of value to the exceptional man here and there who longs to succeed at Whatever the hell This is.



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