The Same Old Thing

Today we are visiting The Same Old Thing, Minnesota, where both our presence and the aptness of the place’s name speak for themselves.  After our previous sojourns to so many exciting, and exotic locales, it is a shame that it has come to this but – alack, (or several lacks, as the circumstances may call for).


As you are digging us out of the snow, I am moved to note to you again the curious fact that it is by purely automatic, instinctive, and inalterable behavior that all of our fellow creatures live.  And while the same is true for man, from the conscious part of the brain down, the activity that IS this consciousness claims to somehow operate outside of these restrictions.


History shows that only a few men, now and then, make specific note of the fact that what men call their thinking, operates just as instinctively and automatically as does any other physiological function.  Simple observation in yourself reveals this to be so, yet if note of same is made to an ordinary man, he will deny its veracity, and if pushed to look in himself, for himself to test the idea, he will commonly become abrasively dismissive of the whole idea.


Curious, huh?!  And this in spite of the fact that men routinely claim to want to know the truth about themselves, and will pay all manner of soothsayers, from the psychiatrically trained,
to the tarot card brained, to help them discover same.


Men will readily admit to all sorts of unprofitable behavior, as long as there is an event in their past that they can point to, whose impact was of such force that it sank below consciousness.
And now, totally beyond their conscious control, is the cause of the behavior question. Yes, people will confess to all manner of unsavory conduct in their cranial area.  From the neck down all operations are fair game, but from there up, well…“Just watch it, Buster!”


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