To be asleep, thoroughly confused, totally in the dark, languishing in chains, is to be worried over the irrelevancy of what the thoughts that come and go through your head, is to –THINK ABOUT YOU.  (I’ll give you this much if you temporarily need it):  you can be a little concerned if have found out that you’re dying, but not if you’ve found out that someone made fun of your ideas.

You are not on the right track yet if you still fight un-winnable battles; sweat the inevitable,
and think about what your thoughts say about you, or if you’re gonna listen to ANYBODY talk about what you are, listen to your stomach, your lungs, your kidneys, your heart, even guys
who have something to say that is RELEVANT.

Wake up! Dammit – if your desire is to – “wake up.”  You must begin to relentlessly distinguish the relevant from the meaningless in life and be a person who truly wants another state of mind.

Today’s Concluding Reminder for The Few with The Aim:

Any thought that you can have, that some other person has already had, is irrelevant. If it is not original – it is irrelevant, and if it is irrelevant, it is not in any way pertinent to “waking up.”


A life lived by this understanding
is a life of enriched simplicity,
and free from worry.


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