Worrying Over The Irrelevant

As opposed to, “being awake and enlightened,” (in the world of thought), being asleep and confused consists of:  worrying over the irrelevant.


I say that this is every man’s normal condition. 
I also say that everyone is aware of it, and
I further say that life forces most people to pretend otherwise.

(These daily reports are for those people who are not part of the “most people” crowd.)

For thousands of years now, a few people here and there pop up who claim that men are not routinely as conscious, alert, perceptive, and understanding as they could be.  They then generally tie themselves and their listeners into mental Gordian knots and run all concerned around in circles that would make metaphysically inclined, British wheat farmers proud, with outlandishly complex explanations for why men do not avail themselves of this possibility.


It can make interesting reading and argument fodder for those who will never do so, but that is all unnecessary.  If you will but take an instant, clear-headed, direct look at the world all around you, and the one inside your brain. you see that there is a totally, over-the-top melodrama being acted out by homo-sapiens.  It is the stage-direction-glue that binds ordinary men’s attention to a level of consciousness that is not the full representation of what it is known it can be. 


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