Fretting About The Frivolous

Under the routine, everyday conditions of every ordinary man’s life, much of his thinking is taken up with worrying over the irrelevant – fretting about the frivolous.  (A matter that I call irrelevant, of course, a man with an interest therein will see contraire.)



You can tell a man who voices great concern over political ideas, that his passion is being misspent, but he will certainly not see it as so.  Same with people who have an attraction to and native interest in golf, music, fashion, religion, football, and so on.


No, what I herein highlight for the eyes of the few has nothing to do with criticism of ordinary men’s instinctive mental affinity for things in the second reality.  After all, what could be more natural, in that this world is the brain-child of man’s thoughts?



When other creatures are not engaged in life sustaining activities – they nap.  When man is not, he invents new mental pastimes, and usually puts them into some physical form – about which he can then begin to fret and worry.



When a tiger is not out hunting, he is on his back in the grass.  When a man is not out harvesting a crop, he is on his knees in a church, or on his arse in a theater, or strolling around the aisles of a bookstore.  Having a brain that produces thoughts 24/7, men do not find constantly napping between the periods of survival essential activities to be an acceptable filling of time.


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