Minds of disconnected views see life as being like this, or life being like that; life being fair, life being unfair; life being fun, life being a drag, and so on.  But there is only one thing that can be accurately said about life:  It is ALL of that, and that is the unified understanding of life.


Reality consists of everything you can think about it – including your thinking about it.  There is no way in – and no way out.  What could be fairer or simpler than that?!

P.S.  I have received much mail regarding a previous posting, and here is my response to the overall tone of concern expressed there about. 

First, remember: Nothing is true until it is true for you, but go ahead and imagine for the moment that it is true that there is nothing you can do to change what you ARE.  Then picture the tremendous amount of useless effort you would save by such a realization, and the great relief it would bring. 


(I am not saying that it is true – but,  rather than being disturbed by even the mention of the possibility, consider instead, if it were true:  What would be its totally surprising and thoroughly delicious benefits?)

The facts lurking behind Enlightenment
are never what a man expects or can imagine.


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