Ordinary minds will pretend to accept the notion that a man will commit murder due to his relationship with his mother, or that one group despises another because of their religion, (and the list is endless).  The brain cells responsible for conscious thought, (and thus responsible for such disjointed spuriousness), know that no such explanations are expansive, and that they only serve to keep men’s views of things sectionalized like separate slices of a pie –  good for inventing indoor heating – terrible for mentally seeing life as it is.



Ordinary minds will pretend to believe that a passionate love affair has come apart because of the parties’ conflicting political views, or taste in movies, music, etc.  Everyone cellularly knows that sexual desire alone initiates every passionate coupling, and that only its absence will terminate it.



To open your eyes and clear your head:

Pay no attention to any view of life that has a beginning and an end, and ignore all explanations that contain the word, “because.”



No one can teach you a unified view, and none of your thoughts with which you are already familiar can help you.  First, you must look open-headedly around you and realize objectively for yourself that what is accepted by collective man as being “knowledge” is, at best, separate pieces to a puzzle, and a puzzle in fact, in which ordinary men have no real interest.



All knowledge not directly related to survival is knowledge that is a hobby – a pastime, a plaything, a way to pass the mental time.  Again: nothing amiss here, but you need to recognize the situation for what it is and thus cease choking on it.



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