The Great Secret

The common mind
has no interest in itself.

What knowledge men say they have of the mind, (you will note), is as fragmented as any other intellectual/scientific area.  Yet new statistical findings and theories are being continually added, so there is the illusion of movement toward a comprehensive understanding of consciousness.


Such is not actually life’s intention via men’s creation and study of psychology and its related disciplines.  Life has arranged it so, (or else has allowed it so), that only a scant number of people have an irrepressible – almost savage –  hunger to know what being-alive-with-thoughts is all about, beyond the unsatisfying knowledge and theories commonly available.

If you argue with the fragmented – you become fragmented. If you think about what the piece-mealers say – you become piecemealed. And, as always: take everything I have said as applied solely to your mind, for it is the fragmented thoughts that life passes through your head that do the most damage in your attempt to see for yourself what is actually going on.


The desire to know “The Great Secret” 
is a thirst for coherent sight
 in a world of piece-mealers.


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