“Sleep Walking”

Although never described as such, a man’s desire for the conscious part of his brain to, “wake up” from a state of “lethargy and dreams,” can been seen as a longing to be original-of-mind while living in a world of total mimicry and plagiarism.


Life has arranged that habit is the most efficient approach to physical survival for all creatures and has chosen the same as its method of sustaining man’s mental world as well.


Ordinary men are made to brag about the originality of their ideas, but not allowed to notice that their intellectual activity consists of nothing more than either sycophantic support, or vacuous criticism of ideas already expressed by others.  As an additional insult, they are coerced into offering as proof of their intellectual prowess, their ability to quote the thoughts of others.


Physical life on this planet obviously changes in a quite gradual and coherent manner; so too does mental life, but this is not so apparent to the creatures who are its medium.

From a mortal perspective you would conclude that such a conservative approach must be the safest course, physically speaking—but it is this same caution of habitual, mental behavior that infuriates the few, and causes them to give this dull repetitious operation of consciousness such names as, “sleep walking,” and “living in a dream.”


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