On The Verbal Dance Floor

The reality of what I am verbally dancing with here is totally beyond the scope of any verbal dance floor.  If from these words you derive only the idea that all I am saying is that there is nothing wrong with you or life, then you miss entirely the ultimately inescapable inner reality regarding the nature of ideas; your ignorance of which is all that being asleep is.

While your thoughts and attention are focused on what is wrong in you, as explained and justified by your little piece of the great collective mind, (which, I assure you is totally without any personal significance), you not only waste your time, but if your aim is to come out of the cave, something worse takes place.

The sense of something-being-wrong blinds you, deafens you, and wraps up all of your other senses.  It is like the brain washing technique of isolating a man from all sensory input until his mind begins to hallucinate and create its own reality. Again, what better description of, living in a dream while not in a bed sleeping?!

An alert man who can just barely detect the aroma-of-reality in what I am saying, can begin to turn his instant attention directly on the question of: 
“Where, inside of me, is this feeling that something going on in a way that is wrong?”

To one day suddenly see what I am pointing to, which is constantly taking place in you and not in some faraway secret school, or in some dusty, obscure manuscript, is to know first-hand the reality behind the fine sounding phrases of, “being Awake” or, “being Enlightened.”

There is nothing wrong with being Awake, but neither is there anything wrong with being asleep, and until that is understood – you cannot wake up.  Neat arrangement, huh?!  Keeps out the riff raff – hell, it damn near keeps out EVERYBODY!


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