Knots on a Rope

Men accept the fact that the functioning of their heart, lungs and liver is habitual, but with the brain’s consciousness, it seems to be otherwise.  There seems to be at least some room for movement; some room for originality and deviation from strictly automatic operations.



In practice, this proves to be much more a matter of, “seems-to-be,” than “is.”  For even though the mental world of man does morph, it does so on a most leisurely and collective level, affording no actual, real-time, freedom of thought to the individual. 



I would waste my time attempting to preach this to ordinary minds, for they cannot be converted to its reality.  I say this to you, and you either realize it or you don’t.



Under the ordinary, commonly experienced conditions of being a conscious human, the thoughts that endlessly appear in your mind are not original with you.  They are not products of your independent thinking; they are in no wise examples of your creativity, and are merely a few knots out of a billion-trillion others, tied on a rope of infinite length.



As is always the case, the truth of a situation never troubles the minds of the few, but you do need to clearly realize for yourself that what is accepted as, “thinking for yourself,” in the everyday world, is patently no such thing. 


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