Investigate With Three Eyes

Human thought inherently thinks that, “Something is wrong.”  This is a readily observable fact, in both you, and everyone else. 



Realize it and forget about it – regarding everyone else.  As regards you – investigate the matter with all three eyes.



In a more advanced universe, this inquiry should take all of five or ten minutes, but in this one, the time required is longer.  If you never start, well you know the finish to that sentence.



The reason that so few people ever get past, or even realize, the barrier of the something-is-wrong phenomenon, is that no description of it even comes close to describing it.  The only means we have FOR describing, (thought), is what is wrong.



A man whose goal in life now is to wake up, has no doubt that his present condition is wrong. This is inarguable, beyond question – a felt certainty.  It is from this position that everyone does, and must, begin.  But it is from this neural quagmire, in which a swamp is up to its knees in a swamp, that few men’s minds ever emerge.

I repeat: investigate the matter with all three eyes.



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