A Species Specific Phenomenon

A few people throughout history have become so fascinated and entangled in thinking something-is-wrong, that their whole existence is affected thereby.   These are the men and women who, once they hear of the idea of, “waking-up,” or “being Enlightened,” are instantly addicted.



In spite of their specialized interest, most of such people still never get beyond the something-is-wrong stage.  To them, what is wrong with other people is that they are asleep and living in a dream, and what is wrong with themselves is that they also are asleep and given to passing delusions.



None of this is either so, or not so – or not not so.  It is simply how things seem to be to ordinary men, whose minds are but a part of the gigantic, collective One; but it is a view that has no individual relevance.



The pertinence for the Few is in the fact that as long as you think that something is wrong inside of you, you can never wake-up to that other state of mind, wherein your mind is, in large part, cut free from the purely automatic, collective One.  Your own sight becomes an original view.



No matter the joyous circumstances, if you stop and look at this matter for just an instant, you will always find that something inside of you still feels that something is, nevertheless, wrong.

To ever come out of the shadows, you must simply recognize that this is a natural part of being a human: a creature with thoughts-in-the-brain.  It is a species-specific phenomenon, and has nothing to do with you, or anyone else, personally.



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