The Box Thought Came In

Those who have achieved a mental separation from the involuntary collective mind of man,   have spoken of this is as a gift.  While understandable, the picturization is less accurate than it could be.



Waking-up is not a gift, but is the box it came in. What is wrong is not what your thoughts say is wrong, but the box the wrong came in.



You are asleep because something about you is wrong.  What is wrong in you is not what the wrong so clearly seems to be, but rather the medium for the wrong, which is anything but obvious.



To your ordinary thinking, (drained from the large and impersonal collective mind of man), what is wrong in you is the same thing as the medium by which you are made aware of the wrong-ness.  When something is wrong in your stomach, your consciousness of the problem is quite obvious and specific, but when the sensation is that there is something wrong in your consciousness itself, the brain provides no such clear information.



The operation of your brain that produces thought, does not produce thought that can think about itself objectively. Thus, your thoughts can say to you in your head that something in there is not right about how they are operating, but they cannot tell you specifically what is wrong, or how to change it.  Everyone’s thoughts pretend to TRY, theory after theory, notion after notion, to have correctly diagnosed the problem; to have the solution.  But anyone with even one sane eye, recognizes all of these claims for the harmless foolishness that they be.



No thought knows what is wrong in the world of thought.  All your thoughts can offer is their observation that something-is-wrong, but anything beyond that – forget about it.



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