Abandon the Past

A man who begins to understand the ultimate necessity for abandoning the past will begin to strip himself of all identifying garb. 



He will refuse to seriously identify himself as a native of any particular family, street, block or section in the mad City of Babel, and will continue to re-occur with or without his agreement or preference.



He would be immune to flattery
and safe from seeking recognition.



He would stand objectively amidst apparent disaster and laugh as soon as possible.  Whatever, whatever happened in life, he would secretly disagree with, because he is a member of a holy rebellion, one that never agrees with the enemy.  (What are you, a traitor?)



You will re-read this, if anyone so desires, for it is indeed sincere and profitable to those properly prepared.  I say many things indirectly that you can never hear directly, and some things no one would ever speak of…(but, fuck it, we’re all friends here.)


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