Ordinary maps direct one to a final destination, while real maps point to an infinitely continuing journey.  Thus, in this basic aspect, real maps are beyond the realm of maps entirely. 



Even while I say that my most recent comments draw intellectually closer to an Ultimate-map, they too do not lead you to a final resting place, but rather throw you constantly to a new, uncertain place just beyond the lastly perceived point of the map…the forever Future/Now.



One possible description of the general basis from which one might act in regards to the attempt to abandon all of the past and push forever into the Future/Now would be to say that one might become engaged in “agreement-without-commitment.”



Another aspect of this is that ordinary men spend their lives attempting to come to grips with their induced maps.  The Few spend their lives spending their lives:  they willfully agree to the necessary flow of all forces, while secretly committed only to their own Awakening.



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