The Method-of-Methods

The method-of-methods is in willfully becoming an active spark of the Future/Now.  “The Future/Now,” more words indeed, but the reality there behind is beyond all past methods, all previous tricks, and all known theories of would-be-Work systems.  It lies not in the mind’s concept of tomorrow; it is the future and yet it is not.



This method comes from the total destruction and complete abandonment of the past and always depends on the past.  It is holy Rebellion from the passive, orderly influence of the force of the routine present.



For those whom I have properly helped in self-destruction, it is a willful throwing-of-oneself into that unidentifiable, unknown point just beyond, just minutely beyond, the vertical-line-of-now.  It is a constant, joyful hurling of oneself just beyond the normal point of now.  It is the most dangerous reality of true Liberation, a cutting free from all that is dead, useless and rotting in the past, forever running just ahead of the frustrating, choking hold of “I’s now,” which is forever tied to the destruction of the past.  It is the ultimate danger, the ultimate joy, but one available only to those who have faithfully followed the course thus far.



No need for childishly inspiring poetry. 
No cause for misdirected faith in the past. 
No use for guilt-for-the-unavoidable,
nor nightmares-of tomorrow,
but a forever forcing of tomorrow
into the crack just beyond the present.



This is the reward and responsibility for those who can destroy the useless, abandon dreams and now undertake the continuing work of real creation by Awakening to the psychological future, by becoming the actual future of man, by truly becoming that of which man has so long dreamed, a real, living person who understands the responsibility of the chosen who knows the ridiculous joy of the Few.



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