A Trick-for-the-Serious

You have listened to me speak, hint and point, but until now it has been a secretive form of induced, willful destruction.  I have attempted to lead you into destroying yourselves and hence your past; your imagined concepts of now.  (We did not speak of such matters, but reality is always beyond the grasp of maps anyway…eh, what.)



I did appear to speak of such things as your place of birth, the particular section of the city of Babel from when you arose to play your destined position in this astounding game.  I did sing, curse and promote the consideration of your past, your fathers, their culture, their religion; but it was a trick-for-the-Serious.



I did lead you in certain methods that seemingly were involved in bringing your consciousness into the unnatural focus of the present.  This, too, was chicanery and after all, I begin to ask you what you had discovered from all my comments and your efforts.



Have you uncovered a “real I”?   Have you found one active in the past?  Can you live in one at every moment of now?  Or, have you been left with a concept of you-as-a-process, a happening, an occurrence; a mortal carrier and relay station for a never ending flow of forces that seem to be beyond you and outside the ordinary sense of individual existence?



All these tricks were all misdirected encouragement to discover the extraordinary.  And now, you must consider what lies beyond a period of destruction.


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