Where Are We?

Where should a person be, in themselves, who has been making effort consistently?  In imaginary systems you always find much talk about specific states or experiences which are described in laboriously, if not clearly, by the pseudo-system.



Thus far I have, when pertinent, simply used historically based terms from several systems to indicate the ultimate Aim…such verbal reflections as, to be Awake, or Enlightened.



No such terms, of course, have any practical validity save for those who have tasted them and know the reality behind the reflection.  But nonetheless, such terms have a necessary use in that we must be able to have some intellectual communication regarding the purpose of undertaking this effort.



I have used words to indicate a man’s usual mortal state such as “being asleep,” or my own simply referring to the “ordinary” condition, which is in fact a proper, direct statement of man’s condition, without a personal undertaking of a directed effort.  Thus, to an uninitiated spectator it might appear to be a clear-cut matter of extremes; that a man or woman is either “asleep” or “Awake”; “ordinary” or Enlightened.”



As you people well know, it is not so simple as the mind would dictate.  It is not a question of any of you being continually asleep and identified or Awake and Enlightened.  You may not be Awake, but you are certainly not ordinarily sleeping, as you were when I first found you.  You are in another place entirely.



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